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thank you to everyone who entered, congratulations and things to people who won, and sorry if you were picked! you’re still a cupcake and we still love you

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best icons / havleywilliamss ✿ jagkbarakxt ✿ butgaskarth

best edits / ohcalmity ✿ couldntfake

best themes / gascarth ✿ baradildo 

best atl blogs / rianalltimelow ✿ jagkbaracats

best overall / mcgaskarth ✿ gaskartn




All Time Low should do a “demos and unreleased tracks” EP and here are the songs:

  • Bad enough for you 
  • We all fall down
  • Toxic Valentine
  • My Paradise
  • True Colors
  • Poison
  • Living the dream
  • Light the way
  • Actors
  • Painting flowers
  • The worst kind of lullaby 
  • Hold it against me
  • Alejandro

Im up for this

and then there should be an official cover of Teenage Dirtbag on there. It would be perfect.


im so in love


Congratulations to our friends in Pierce The Veil for winning Best Documentary at REVOLVER Magazine's Golden God Awards. Here's Jaime looking smart in our Plague Shirt.

Backstage at the Golden Gods Awards with Pierce The Veil


*blogs the pain away*

Loverboy, you’re playing those hearts like toys.
Don’t you feel bad?
Don’t you feel bad?
Feel bad for them?

Hayley Williams 2013 (inspired by )